I am a PhD student in political science at Vanderbilt University. My research interests center on the microdynamics of civil wars and political violence. Specifically, I focus on the strategic decision-making of civilians in the midst of armed conflicts, the causes and impacts of ceasefires in conflicts with multiple parties, and the role of geography in shaping patterns of violence. I also study the role of emotion and status in international relations, especially in the context of East Asia.

Prior to moving to Nashville, I worked as a research assistant at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research in Uppsala, Sweden, where I completed my Master's degree. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

In my capacity as an RA, I have collected georeferenced data for the Geo-PKO and the Continuation of Conflict-related Violence in Postwar Cities projects.

You can contact me via email at nguyen [dot] t [dot] ha [at] vanderbilt [dot] edu.